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Treeline Outdoors are adventurers. They are outdoor enthusiasts who are lucky enough to have the Canadian Rocky Mountains as their backyard, and they play there often.

The rugged Canadian terrain and untamed wilderness are what keep them coming back, they respect that they are guests there and always do there best to be as prepared as possible, but one can only be so ready when camping in a tent, on the ground, in Grizzly country.

They were camped out in their ground tents, completely surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and untouched Canadian nature when something happened that would change their lives forever.

A large Grizzly Bear wandered into their camp and left them trapped inside their tents for what would prove to be one of the longest nights of their lives.

When they were finally able to frighten the bear off, by setting off the car alarm multiple times, they knew that they wanted to do something different, something better and safer, and it was then that the Treeline Rooftop Tent was born.

Founded in 2013 by a passionate group of Canadian outdoorsmen, Treeline Outdoors has taken everything that they have learned from a lifetime of backcountry journeys and put it together to create what we believe to be the best rooftop tent in Canada.

Their lifestyle is their research. You can find them along the paths less travelled through the Pacific Northwest taking in the natural beauty of our Canadian wilderness and any adventure that they can find along the way.

They started with rooftop tents and have been perfecting camping ever since with their line of Premium Bush Tools and gear solutions that work for any camper, from the extreme overland explorers and the weekend warriors to the adventurous families who prefer to make their memories outdoors.

Their rooftop tents are an innovative camping solution built to last and handle the most rugged of terrains in any climate with ease and simplicity. Every inch of your tent is engineered to be the toughest, yet lightest rooftop setup out there.

The shelter base is built with an aluminum honeycomb design, and the frame and canopy poles come equipped with condensation sleeves and are constructed using sturdy and strong aluminum tubing.

All Treeline tent models come standard with their signature oversized patent-pending roll-up awning windows for an unobstructed view. It doesn’t end there!

Treeline has designed and developed an extensive list of features that are unique to their rooftop tent models, including heavy-duty utility latches for the safe and dry storage of gear, patented utility/shoe storage bags, a cargo net for additional storage, and a 420D Diamond Ripstop rainfly.

Their tents are designed in Canada and come standard with a water-proof, protected, high density 2 ½” foam mattress, and extra wide hinges to supply ample storage space for bedding during travel.