Awnings - Bighorn Overland



    If you just want to set up shop momentarily and are okay with a nice cool breeze making its way through your shade, a Treeline awning would be the perfect product for you. Moderately priced and composed of the same high quality Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Fabric as their Roof Top Tents and height adjustable telescopic legs, these awnings are sure to provide shade in 3 different lengths.

    If you need more shaded area, or a windbreaker extension, take a look at the Awning Extension, Made of the same high-quality fabric as the awnings & Roof top tents.

    If you want protection from the elements, Treeline Outdoors Awning room is ready to work for you. The walls can be zippered together on all sides for complete protection or used individually to block the sun or wind from certain angles.